Dan Fischer was born 1919 in Charlottenlund, just north of Copenhagen.

Displaying a natural aptitude for drawing, he received private tuition at the age of 14. He went on to the Academy of Arts and Crafts in Bredgade, Copenhagen, and then for three years had special instruction at the Glyptotek. Subsequently he spent 18 months as a pupil at the National Gallery of Denmark.

During the Second World War Dan and his brother Jean (designer and innovator) and sister Else (novelist) were in the Danish resistance movement Holger Danske.

Dan’s first exhibitions in 1952 and 1954 received universal acclaim (see >review, in Danish). This marked the start of a long series of study travels which over the years covered Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, South Africa and Russia. He exhibited in several of these countries. In the 1950s and early 1960s he moved his family to Spain for long periods where he produced some of his best watercolours.

His study travel to South Africa in 1967 was also very successful and almost all of his pictures were sold. (See interview in the > Rand Daily.) 1977-78 was his most fruitful period. He produced many large oil paintings, several of which are now regarded as his signature pieces and the epitome of his unique style.

His last painting was completed in 1981 and his final exhibition took place in 1984. He died in1987 in Gentofte, Copenhagen.

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Dan Fischer

DanFischer Bredgade 1952